My luck ran out...

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My luck ran out...

Omg, I'm so sick today.

I can barely function. I almost puked at the library and it took every ounce of willpower I had to not throw up this morning. This sucks.

Made it longer than last time though. I think my ticker is wrong and I'm really 7w4d, so that means I lasted 4 days longer. A new record! Of course, I haven't actually puked yet, so technically I'm still doing much better than in the past.

But this is awful!

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Yay for breaking your record, but BOO for not feeling good! So sorry to hear it is in full swing now.

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Ugh if it's any consolation I'm right with you! I am so sick. I seem to get sicker with each pregnancy. I have never felt this bad. I'm taking zofran 8mg every 8 hours and its barely helping. I'm miserable! With my 2nd it lasted till 20 weeks. I'm losing weight and can't even enjoy it because I feel so awful!

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sorry you are feeling so crappy Sad

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Sorry it finally caught up with you!

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That sucks! It is hard doing anything when you're feeling so crappy! I had bad morning sickness with my first so I'm sure I'll be right behind you in no time...

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Ugh I'm so sorry! I've beent here since 5wks and am miserable on a daily basis. Zofran doesn't do much for me either. Although I think it keeps me from puking 10x's a day versus the usual 4 or 5. I'm losing weight too and am just miserabe. I work full-time so this has been hell so far.

I feel for you and wish m/s didn't exist.