My twins arrived 2 weeks ago!

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My twins arrived 2 weeks ago!

What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! My twins were born on July 2nd - just 3 days after we moved. We didn't have internet at the new house until a couple days ago which is why this news is being posted so late. Smile

Caleb Morgan was 6lbs 7ozs and 19" long. Kate Marie was 5lbs 14ozs and 18 1/2" long.

Two days old:

I developed mild pre-eclampsia and my Dr recommended a C-section. Baby B was breach and my Dr was afraid that she would be too small to deliver breach (her head would be larger than her body and get stuck). So my Dr called me at 3pm to tell me this and we scheduled a C-section for 9:00 PM.

The babies both did so well that we were able to leave the hospital less than 48 hours after birth. They are eating great, sleeping a lot and growing like crazy already.

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Yay Congrats:)

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Awesome, congratulations!

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They are beautiful! Congratulations!

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they are so precious!!

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So cute:) Congrats:)