Name issues?

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Name issues?

Do you already know the name of your boy or girl?

DH and I cannot agree on a name for either sex. We have no favs because we used them already. Well, we do know we want Alice as a middle name for a girl, and Dean as a middle for a boy.
We did not pick our daughters name til after delivery. I would like to be more prepared this time around. Wink

Anyway, is picking a name smooth sailing for you? Or are you still looking and having a hard time?

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Names are no easy task! Good luck picking out a name!

All I have to say is this LO better be a boy! We could only ever agree on the name "Riley" for a girl and that pretty much did it for girls' names for us. If this one is a girl I think we will have a hard time. However, we've already likely decided on a boy's name (Max), but are also considering Lucas and Silas (I like this one more than he does, but it is still in the running). So, while we hope for a healthy baby, for the ease of the naming process we are hoping for a boy Smile

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no way! we are both indecisive and it takes DH forever to make a decision on something. We probably won't even discuss it until we know the sex. We actually had a really hard time naming DS. I have a favourite name that I love for a DD, but DH is not on board with it lol.

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I can't choose until baby comes out. We narrow it down to 2 by then and then see how we feel. Haven't been wrong yet. Only thing we did wrong was use our other favorites for the middle names so now we can't use them as future first names if we have a girl.....

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We've talked about names but honestly if this baby is a boy he may just have no name because we already used the boy names we liked lol
Of course I have a million girls names I love Blum 3

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Omg. Jon and I really don't agree on names. With Lucas I remember thinking "how could I have married a man who likes such terrible names!" Sigh.

I do know that my girl middle name is Morgan, which is my Grandmother's maiden name. We didn't use it with Tori because we kept going back and forth between Toribeth and Tori Beth. We ended up deciding to make Beth the middle name.

I have name rules:

1. It must be easy and obvious to pronounce (unlike my name)
2. It must be easy to spell (Jon has the less common spelling of his name :Jonathon)
3. It must not be too "out there"
4. It must not be too common (although Lucas is common at my church, grrr!)
5. It must not follow any kind of pattern with the other kids (I know someone who did Levi, Olive, Violet which all use the same letters. I'm soooo not into that)
6. It needs to not be a name that would have a nickname. I believe in naming a kid what you want to call him
and not something other people with shorten (although my dad insists on calling Lucas "Luke" but he's the only one)
So nothing like Nathaniel or Gregory or anything like that. When we went with Tori Beth, our family had fits. They said it should be Victoria Elizabeth. But that's not what we wanted to call her!

So... Yeah. Names are going to be tough!!!!

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DS was a nightmare and we didn't pick a name till I was in labor and they wrote "Baby ?" on the board. (PS he is named Reed because of the scrubs episode I was watching and the character Dr. Reed. lol! )

This should be easier. We both like the same girls name, but if its a boy I might have more of a battle. I have a name that I like and since DH got to use his first name with our son (which I was against) I think I have the upper hand if we have another boy Wink