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Started having some mild nausea today. With DS it lasted the whole 9 months so I have been dreading the beginning. Is anyone else have nausea yet? Last time I dont think it started til 8 or 9 weeks.

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Mines started a few days ago. I've only gotten sick once. But my stomach is pretty upset in the morning.... Thank goodness I work 2nd shift so most of its gone by then.

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Mine started this week. Been absolutely miserable. Last pregnancy it was intense until 16ish weeks and then still would throw up a few times a week into the 25th week I believe.

It really is a miserable feeling.

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Mine is mild and I'm hungry, but everything makes my tummy turn in flops. Sad

I didn't have any last time so this is new to me

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I've had some slight nausea off and on, but it seems to have kicked into gear this morning. Someone changed coffee brands at work today, oh my was it awful smelling.