New to here....possibly! :)

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New to here....possibly! :)

Hello all!

I have a suspicion I might be pregnant....haven't tested yet as I have a history of fear of pregnancy tests. Smile It took 3 years to conceive my first child, who is now 4, going on 5....and it was a quick conception for my daughter, who is 2 going on 3 (both January babies). I have been wanting #3 for a little while now, but hubby is not on board with it. We use condoms although were a bit slipshod last month, and I am now about 4 days late for my AF, which I'm fairly regular with. No symptoms but I didn't have symptoms for my other pregnancies either.

I am very nervous and apprehensive...I would definitely welcome a new baby just concerns with how my hubby will receive the news...he has practical concerns like financial (my job at the moment is unstable), space since we have a 3 bedroom house (not a big deal in my mind, kids can share rooms) and also just enjoying the fact that we are pretty much done with the baby stage and is looking forward to having a good time with our awesome little family as it is right now. I have concerns too, how a new baby would affect my two right now, the time I would have to give them, the level of involvement I have in their lives now and how that would change (in terms of the fact that I volunteer regularly in my son's school and my daughter's preschool). But that longing for another baby has been there too. The strength of it comes and goes but it is always there, at least a little.

Anyhow sorry to go on and on and I know I just need to test already but thank you for letting me get this all out!! Smile

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Congrats! Update us on testing!

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Congratulations!! KUP

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Hi and welcome! Can't wait to hear your update when you test!

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I feel your pain. I waited until I was 13 days late to test because of all the emotions behind it. My kids are 5 and 7 and we were really getting to this AWESOME place with them. We have taken some cool vacations and just generally started really enjoying life with KIDS instead of babies. We also have a three bedroom house and there are space issues to work out, not to mention needing a new car. I haven't had a car payment in forever and the thought of having one again makes me sick. Plus, KIDS are way more expensive than babies (which was shocking to me. I was fully convinced once you get past diapers, kids start getting cheaper. HA!).

But, it'll be ok. and it will work out. Somehow. And maybe your hubby will be like mine--he's more excited than me (which is not hard to do, I have moved past denial to acceptance but definitely haven't hit excitement). But seriously, he's happy. I thought he'd be devastated and he's totally NOT.

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Good Luck Smile Let us know how your testing goes.

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Thank you so much ladies!

PCCGirl - Sounds like you and I have a lot in common! (again, possibly ;)) And you are so right about kids being so expensive, we don't make a ton of money and that's a huge consideration. I have my two kids in different activities and my goodness it is crazy how much money goes out! Not to mention food clothes blah blah blah. I'm so happy for you that your husband is feeling good about your pregnancy, and I'm sure you'll be moving to excitement soon too. Smile They are such amazing little creatures in the end, aren't they???

Thanks again, I will be sure to update hopefully in the next day or two!! Once I get my nerve up. Wink

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Can't wait to hear your update after testing! I have gained a newfound fear of testing too....I'm scared it's not positive so I'm putting off taking a test until the absolute last minute...hehe.

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Good Luck, I'm excited for you! :goodluck:

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I too was nervous about telling my hubby. Even though he had brought it up to begin with....a random comment started me testing. Anyway, when I got my BFP and told him, he was happy! Like PCCGirl, I was not expecting that reaction. So, your hubby could also have a positive reaction too! Let us know how it goes when you tell him.

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KUP on testing!

I'm sure everything will work out even if it is a shock initially. :bigarmhug:

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Thanks! I think I've decided to test tomorrow morning if still no AF. DH knew something was up last night...he was like "what?? what?? I know you're thinking about something!!" (I am not a good liar and cannot hide much of anything, lol). I told him that I think I should test, and he kind of smiled....he seemed OK with it, albeit concerned. Then this morning he asked this morning if I had gotten AF and I said no, he is starting to think about it and worry about it a lot and wanted to test this morning but I told him we would wait until tomorrow and to try not to think about it. He said yeah right!! haha Anyways so I will let you know tomorrow! Smile

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It will all work out! Smile We have a 3 bedroom house, and no problems. It's just how you look at things sometimes. We had to buy a new vehicle when we got pregnant with #5, but that wasn't a huge deal either, because it was already 10 years old and we were able to have it payed off after we got our tax return 6 months later. Oh, and all those activities can get expensive, but maybe there is a relative out there who would like to give "classes" for gifts??? My mom actually hates giving "stuff." Let's face it, we all have too much of it anyway, LOL. My mom likes to give the kiddos classes for presents. So that's really nice for things like swimming lessons and such. Smile I guess what I'm saying is simply that you adjust as you need to, and life goes on. Babies are always a blessing, and even if your DH freaks out a bit in the beginning, he will come around. Think of the kids you have right now? Can you even imagine life without them? Impossible, right. YOu will be fine! Smile

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I think sometimes the reality is so much easier to deal with than the "what if?". If the test is positive you guys will just make it work!! Cant wait to hear!

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Well after tossing and turning all night, I tested this morning and BFN. I am sad, but OK about it. It's very strange as I have been very regular with AF since having my son (prior to that very irregular cycles which was the reason I had a hard time getting pregnant). The good news is DH is now saying about how he has been thinking a lot about #3 and this whole thing has opened it open for discussion, so who knows maybe one day we will have another baby.

Thank you so much for your support and hope everyone has a very happy and healthy 9 months!!!!