OB appt went well

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OB appt went well

and I had a suprise peak at the little bean! HB around 150.

My bleed is still there, about 3.2 cm (which is larger than I thought), but they are hopeful it will reabsorb. I have been admittedly not been taking it easy and carrying, lifting and just basically doing too much lately because of the holidays. It was a smack to reality that I need to be taking care of myself like I was the first week or so after the big bleed.

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Take it easy! Not so easy to do, I know.
Glad things are still looking positive!

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Glad it went well and that you got to peak at your bean Smile Try your best to take it easy--even with the holidays coming!

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What a treat to see your little bean.

Try and rest if that is what they are recommending.