Please take a look at my tests, can I get hopeful?

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Please take a look at my tests, can I get hopeful?

Hi ladies!

So im now 10dpo and 11 days past trigger.

My FRER from yesterday morning is the top one, the middle one is this morning and the bottom is this evening.
On the internet cheapies, the bottom is this evening, the next two up are last night.

Am i able to get hopeful or is it just the trigger? Arrrgggghhhhhhhh im so impatient!!

ive added some inverts too!

Again, HUGE apologies for the HUGE pics, photobuckt is a pain in the arse!

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i tested 11 DPO and my FRER looked like that.

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OMG I think its your BFP

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I see the lines! I know how stressful it can be though with that pesky trigger. I'm still debating whether my line is trigger or a BFP. I've had this really light line for two mornings. It's not getting any darker or lighter....

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Your most recent test looks darker than the previous day, so it definitely could be a BFP!!! Smile

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Thanks everyone! I'm going to test with fmu tomo, am so anxious for that test. It will more than likely be the make or break one!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!! I'll update tomo Smile

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I am calling those FRERs positive! I did see something after the trigger was out but no denying the FRERs! Congrats!

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There's no denying those lines - fingers crossed they are big ol fat BFPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo Stalk time! Biggrin

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I definitely see a line!!!! Yay!

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OMG I think this is finally it for you..... Where is your test for today?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH I would call that a BFP but I don't know about the trigger shot stuff? I thought once it fades out then if you get a + after, it's a BFP? It is a definite pink line Smile


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I definitely think you can get hopeful! Fingers crossed for you!