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Posting on Facebook

I can't help it, but I was upset at my cousin, her daughter and that whole side of my family when they all went to Facebook and announced that my cousin's daughter (22 - just married a few months) ago is pregnant.

She is only 5 weeks along! I know this shouldn't upset me and I truly support telling family, but there are so many things that could happen and she hasn't even been to the doctor yet.

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Don't feel bad. I had a friend who got pregnant the same day I did - she posted immediately that they were expecting (her "ticker" thing, didn't even show 4 weeks!!). I was like - wow. I mean, I was happy for her, but at the same time...I'd never post that early. Actually, I'm not even sure I knew I was pregnant then..LOL

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i posted on here that early. like 3.5 weeks or something like that, but i would never post it on facebook! wouldn't tell family either since i still havn't told them lol

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Even though we have told family I am still refusing to put the news on facebook.

But thinking back to my first two pregnancies I did tell people as soon as I found out as I never thought anything would go wrong. To be fair though that was a long time ago and the internet wasn't around!

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I posted on FB when I was in the 3-4 week range. I guess the excitement of a new life can sometimes her the best of people and they want to share with all the people that love them and are their friends. Smile I posted when I was in the 3-4 week range.. but I'm a "roll with the punches" kinda girl. If something happened, I'd have as many people grieving with me that chose to originally celebrate..

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I can certainly understand your reaction...emotions are something we just can't control. :bighug:

She's just really young and excited about being a FTM...even if she has a head knowledge of all that "could" go wrong she is probably still really naive at that age and it's lightyears from her mind that those things would actually happen to her. I hope she has a HH9M's!! Wouldn't we all love to be able to embrace a worry free pregnancy. What a blessing that would be! Smile

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I think I was just sensitive to it since I had the huge scare with my hemmorage at 8 weeks when I was in Michigan seeing all of them and am waiting till our next scan at 18 weeks to maybe say something on Facebook.

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I don't count here. I was on here when I found out at 3.5 weeks Wink

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Personally, during the times that I miscarried, I needed all the support of the people around me. I would not have wanted to tell them that I was pregnant and miscarried at the same time. JMHO, but as long as no family drama will follow, than I say, announce it when you know it. Smile