Prenatal appointment today:)

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Prenatal appointment today:)

I had my first prenatal appointment today:) Couldn't find the heartbeat for a while because the baby is hiding. I got to hear it for 1 minute at 163. They figured I am 13 weeks and baby is due July 22. They did weight and I gained 5 pounds and did some blood work. I booked my ultrasound for 20 weeks at March 11th. I go back for another prenatal appointment on Feb 11.

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I thought I replied to this. I can't believe how slow things seem to be here. I hope more people join this board as we get closer to July.

That's awesome that you heard the heartbeat and scheduled your 20-week scan already. Crazy how the time is flying. I haven't had my first prenatal yet. I go on Tuesday. I'm pretty nervous, because I haven't had a lot of good first appointments lately, but I have a good feeling about this one.

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Awww Deb. I hope everything will go well for you. I was a nervous wreak for my appointment that my blood pressure was up. When the nurse was trying the heartbeat and couldn't I asked if the doctor could try again. I kinda pushed them to try harder lol.

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I'm so glad you had a good appointment even if it started a little nerve wracking. I can't believe we are all so far along, it feels like yesterday I found out.

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It sounds like your appt went well. Yay for booking the u/s!

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Glad it went well! So exciting to have a date for your ultrasound isn't it? When I had my first appointment in November, that was the first thing they did. I was shocked! It seemed so far away. Now it's only three more weeks!