Progesterone results back....

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Progesterone results back....

And they were 53.4 the nurse said that was great! My last cycle which was unmedicated was 10.9 which they said anything over 10 indicated O. I think on clomid they want it atleast over 20 to indicate O and I'm well above that. I know this has no bearing on whether I'm pg or not but I'm excited I responded so well!

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Wow! That's a great number. Looks like the clomid gave yo a nice strong O! Hopefully this is your month!

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Yay! Good news!

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With numbers like that, I"m surprised the O didn't pop out and bop you on the head by being so strong! :clappy: AWESOME numbers!!! CATCH THE EGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

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Great news! Everything crossed!!! Smile

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Great numbers.....