Reaction to sugars

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Reaction to sugars

Anyone having a reaction to sugar when consumed alone? I seem to be getting these horrible headaches if I have sugar on its own.

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I have not. I have had some icky feelings from lots of carbs and usually carbs don't bother me like that. Like if I have a few slices of pizza, I feel terrible (maybe because I can't eat cheese so I don't have the protein to balance it out?).

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Sweets make me queasy. I try to balance them out with protein and/or fiber. Reactive hypoglycemia is pretty common in pregnancy. I have always had it with my pregnancies. Basically, your body senses the sugar and puts out insulin, but it doesn't use the insulin right away, so your body senses that there's still high blood sugar and sends out more insulin. Then you start using the insulin and have too much, so your sugar drops. You feel queasy, maybe shaky, maybe hungry or tired. You can combat it by trying to keep your sugars at a more steady level with protein and fiber and by eating frequent small snacks.