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I'm only 5 weeks and my scale says I have already gained 5 pounds! I havn't even been eating crazy (i promise) is this happening to anyone else? I'm really hoping it is bloat. I don't remember with DS as I wasn't keeping track of anything but I do know in the first trimester I gained 10 pounds. I'm trying to be a lot healthier this time so it doesn't make sense to me.

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I would guess it is bloating. I am also trying not to gain a lot this time around.

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I am eating non stop and lost 7 pounds. And I never lose weight, it's nearly impossible for me to lose even a pound. So this is reeeaaalllllly weird.

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I haven't weighted myself in a few days, but was down about 2 lbs before that.

I'd be very happy to continue to lose through the first trimester, but I doubt it with the holidays here.

I wouldn't worry, I'm sure its just bloat. I felt really, really bloated a few weeks back to the point where I thought I might be having twins becaus there was no way I was showing at barely 6 weeks. Now it has gone down a bit.

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I have not weighed in at all. With my other 3 I was either nauseous or vomiting. This time I'm eating a lot, I still feel within my normal range so I'm not worried...for now.

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So far so good here too. I'm down 2 pounds. I usually lose 5lbs in the first tri. By 20 weeks I get back to my starting weight and then go up from there!

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Oh my goodness, by the end of the day today my work trousers were so tight they were uncomfortable. I haven't been eating much more than normal (even though I went out to eat with coworkers tonight), but it feels like things are expanding... such a weird feeling or maybe it's all in my head?

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I am to scared to get on the scale lol. I found yesterday that I am pregnant and now I feel bloat too. My last pregnancy, I was in maternity pants at 6 weeks with bloat, just to be comfortable.