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I got 'em. Bad.

Can I dye my hair?

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i have been, i stretched it out as much as possible with DS but i have alot more grays now so i just screw it and i've dyed it 2x's so far since finding out

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I'm sure you are fine. I dyed mine the day befor POAS, so it's getting time to do it again.

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I am sure it will be fine. Most hairdressers don't use ammonia base colors anymore. I dyed my hair with all three pregnancies.

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my hairdresser said it is recommended to wait after the first trimester, but the chemicals they use now are way better so it's not harmful. i think it's more as a precaution. i don't need to dye yet, i just get highlights and she said that was fine anytime

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I did last time, but waited until after the first trimester. I am going to do the same thing this time and check with my doctor when I finally see her on 12.31 just to make sure. I had a color appt.

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I do it myself... I have annoying curly hair and pay way too much for haircuts with curl specialists so I do my own color. My hair dresser taught me that at home dye is just as good as long as you follow up immediately with a deep conditioning treatment. So now I do it myself and save a ton if money (which I spend on the haircuts... Sigh...). My concern is more breathing it in when I'm in the bathroom than anything else. I'm already staining furniture this week and I'm concerned about more chemicals I guess.

(I wear a mask to stain and take regular breaks).