Should I worry??

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Should I worry??

HI ladies I turned 31 weeks this week and when I wiped a small glob of mucus came out Should I worry? I have an appointment tomorrow hopefully I can hold on til then.

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your plug regenerates itself so unless you are having labour pains you should be good.

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agree with pp

It can regenerate. Don't worry unless you start having contractions. Smile

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Thanks ladies:) no pains which is a good sign. I had my plug coming out little by little with my DD1 over 37 weeks and nothing with DD2. Just seeing a little chunk got me a little worried. I feel better about it now.

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oh, i had a big chunk come out maybe a week ago? I didn't think much of it because i thought it was supposed to be kind bloody? No idea, I never saw anything like that with DS

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Like other said, it sounds fine if you weren't having contractions or anything. With my first I don't remember losing pieces of it and I haven't yet this time. I lost the thing in one swoop a few days before my daughter was born. However, from reading pregnancy things it seems quite common to lose parts of it--even early on and it can regenerate.