Sickness is at its peak :(

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Sickness is at its peak :(

I can't even sit up and I'm taking Zofran! I can't imagine if I weren't taking it. At least I haven't thrown up at all but I'm so queasy I can't take it. This is sooooo bad. I'm guessing this is the peak and I'm hoping it starts to drop off soon. This is horrible!!!

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That stinks! I'm sorry hopefully you're right and it starts to go away soon! C'mon 2nd trimester

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Ugh, that's how my peak was too... just awful!! Thankfully I always peak in the 7th week... but I've heard from others lately that the 10th or 11th week was their worst and then it started to get a lot better. I hope you feel better soon!

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I hear you! I have been queasy, but not throwing up. After dinner tonight that all changed. Ick. I can't wait until this "sick" period of the pregnancy passes.

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Oh no poor you Sad I was lucky with my 2 Ds's I didn't get any sickness. This time I'm getting moderate queasiness and even that is no fun so I really sympathise with you xx

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Ugh I'm so sorry! When my sickness at it's peak nothing helps! I have to take 2 types of anti-nausea meds since zofran alone does nothing.

I hope this goes quickly!

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Little late, just now saw this thread. I really sympathise with you. I was fine up until I hit my 11th week and then bam. I had had light queasiness before that with a few times of throwing up but this week really took the cake. I drank something, didnt agree with me and within two hours I was bent over the toilet for a good half hour. I cant wait for this to be over with. I can barely eat anything and I have a huge dinner to go to with my fiancee today Shok Hes also going to be proposing (again) in front of his family so Im hoping Im up to all of that.

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I've been so sick with this crazy virus I got that it is hard to tell the virus sickness from the morning sickness. In any case I hope it clears soon. I've been queasy with morning sickness for 3-4 weeks and had this virus for almost 2 weeks now. Ugg....