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Small movements

Ever since hearing the HB and knowing where kiddo is hanging out, I'm pretty much positive I've felt movement 3 or 4 times. Tiny little pings but all in the right spot. Definitely not in a spot that could be confused with gas, since it's really really low in my pelvis.

Kinda exciting.

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so exciting i cant wait to start feeling baby on a constant day

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Yes! I even asked my mom, would you think I was totally crazy if I told you I thought I could feel the baby a little bit? For me, it's just a little thump and has only happened a few times, while I'm lying in bed and very still.

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I'm pretty convinced I've felt the baby too a few times. Usually if I'm lying really still and it's really low.

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i swear i have!!

13 weeks sounds way too early, I started feeling ds around 16 weeks. Ever since he was born i have had phantom kicks on and off too but these seem a lot more frequent lately. i only feel them when sitting down and some of them are pretty high which must be phantom kicks but the majority are around my belly button or below.

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My little squirmer is still sitting only about an inch above my pubic bone. Waaaaayyyyy low. I was surprised. I thought they were higher up by now.

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I started feeling my last two around 12 weeks, little tiny flutters way down below the pubic bone. I haven't felt anything this time. It really depends on whether the placenta is in the front or the back. If the placenta is in front, you won't feel anything for awhile yet.

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Getting stronger!

just now, one side of my uterus, by my left hip was rock hard. By my right hip felt hollow. Baby was all curled up in that one corner. Then it moved and now it's hard in the middle and soft on both sides. Crazy!

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Exciting!! I have felt small flutters here and there. The other night I swear I felt a small kick. Only once, but it was in the right area. I love feeling movement!!

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