Something just doesn't seem RIGHT

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Something just doesn't seem RIGHT

It's really bugging me. I can't figure out what it is, but something doesn't seem right.

I mean, that test was clearly the darkest line ever. And AF is nowhere to be found.

But I just don't feel pregnant. And in the past, I KNEW I was pregnant within days of ovulation, even though we've never actively TRIED to get pregnant. I felt it immediately. I felt sick. I felt exhausted. I felt every symptom in the book.

But right now? I only have breast pain on one side in an isolated spot, not all over. I WAS exhausted until I got my thryoid meds refilled and now I feel GREAT again, so that was just my thyroid. Going by my estimated ovulation date, I think i am 7w1d today (but won't be 7 weeks until Sunday going by last AF, so it depends on how you calculate it). I've never made it to 7 weeks without puking my guts out before. With Tori, it started at 3 weeks (no joke, I knew for sure at 3 weeks when I kept puking but wasn't actually sick). With Lucas I started on exactly 7 weeks. But I fought it for a week before that.

I am not naseous at all. It's just so weird. I know usually differences in pregnancies are attributed to "well maybe it's a boy this time" or whatever but I have one of each so it's not that! Smile

I guess maybe I'm super paranoid. I've read that certain cancers can cause a positive pregnancy test and I lost one of my dearest, dearest friends to cancer a few months ago and I'm still pretty shook up over it. And you know how it goes--once that happens to someone you love, every little twinge, cramp or bruise has you worried that you are next. I realize it's crazy, but I'm still totally freaked out.

Anyway, I know that everything is probably just fine and maybe for once I'm being blessed with a pregnancy I can actually FUNCTION through. I just needed to get it all out!

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I get the same way and worry way too much. I don't speak from too much experience since this is only my second pregnancy, but already it is VERY different.

Will your Dr. see you earlier to maybe set your mind at ease?

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Wow Chelle, you didn't know it, but you said how I was feeling as well. I haven't had to deal with such intense symptoms like you, but I have always felt pregnant from one thing or another. This time I just don't feel the same. Maybe it could be because we were both surprised and were not trying for it? I dont know, but after the 1st u/s I'll feel better.

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ya, not a fan of first trimester. I had no symptoms with ds but sore boobs and that can be from anything. I drove myself nuts over it and i am not quite at that point yet even though it is still early and symptoms can still make an appearance.

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Well, I finally had a symptom.

Jon was browning some meat for tacos last night and I got a whiff of raw meat and started gagging. I didn't actually throw up but I definitely felt sick for a couple minutes. Also, I'm obsessed with cherry Laffy Taffy and that stuff is nasty--unless I'm pregnant.

On the flip side, I had a great one hour workout at the gym last night. I've never been able to get through a workout of any kind during pregnancy never mind 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of weights! Of course, I've worked pretty hard the past year at the gym so I guess that helps.

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I have been working out with a trainer for awhile now. The other day I was pretty nauseated during my workout and he encouraged me to keep going. Part way into the workout the nausea went away and didn't return that day. I was nauseated the whole nine months with my last one. My trainer said that with most of the pregnant women he has worked with have less nausea if they keep working. I was thinking that maybe your new training schedule has made this pregnancy better.

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That's really interesting! And that is really good motivation to not quit the gym! Thanks. Smile

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I never have had many pregnancy symptoms in early pregnancy. Sometimes I wish I got horrible morning sickness so you could feel everything was ok.

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I'm so glad you made this thread, as I've been freaking out about not having any symptoms other than just being extremely tired. I've been sitting with my ipad all weekend just googling my life away on this matter. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was sick all the time, I traveled with a barf bag :mad: One of my closest friends just had her third, and she assured me that every pregnancy is different. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the fact that I'm lucky at the moment, until my hormones really go crazy. So you are not alone and I completely understand. Thank you for posting this!

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I think that this part of pregnancy is always weird! It's like you tested so you know you're pregnant, but you don't really have too many obvious symptoms yet. Heck, I still feel like AF is coming any day! Reflecting on it though, I think I guess it is the calm before the storm and I should just enjoy it since I am betting morning sickness--or all-day sickness--is on its way.

Sounds like we have a lot of fit ladies on the board! I don't have a trainer, but have workout equipment downstairs. With my last pregnancy I was on the elliptical until 36 weeks Smile