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    Default Started bleeding again

    I know I haven't been around much been pretty busy with work and life.

    Had my dr appt last Tuesday and had a pap. Dr said I could have some bleeding afterwards.

    I've been bleeding and cramping since Friday.

    Blood is red and sometimes brown ... There's blood on the pad. But it's not heavier than a "normal" period.
    When I went to the er the last time they said they didn't worry about bleeding unless I was bleeding thru pads....
    feels like I'm having my period. I know I'm pregnant and I'm not suppose to bleed!!!!

    I'm freaked out girls. I've heard if women having "periods" while" pregnant.... How can that be???

    Hope I hear from one of you ladies.

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    Have you called your Dr to let them know that you are still bleeding from the pap? Maybe your cervix is really irritated? Are you in any pain,cramping?

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    How have you been? I have read that women do bleed when their periods are due. It's not the lining being shed, but blood nontheless. It kind of boggles the mind. Also, some can have bleeding throughout the pg. I know that does not give any peace of mind, but it can happen. I wonder why your dr did a pap. Was it a follow up or just a yearly?

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