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Okay, I've been looking at everything I can find to see if I can have some tea and if so, what kind of tea is okay during pregnancy. It is so confusing! It seems like everywhere I look there are conflicting things. Does anyone know? If not, do you have any suggestions for a warm drink? I live in a cold weather climate and need something warm in the morning Smile

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Im not sure about the teas, I drink decaf in the am.

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My normal drink is a fruit tea, I tend to go for berry teas whihc I find really refreshing while also being warm. For morning sickness I drink Lemon and Ginger tea.

I also drink decaf tea and coffee.

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What I read was that it was like coffee. One or two cups a day is fine, but not gallons a day. I tried cutting out tea when I first found out and I got really bad headaches, so I have just been cutting back.

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I think it is fine in moderation for the caffeine ones. I drank lots of herbal teas with DS that were naturally decaffinated.