Telling the news

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Telling the news

So how many of us told our news at Christmas?
We told both of our families when we were together for Christmas. With dh's family we let our 4 year old daughter tell everyone. She was thrilled!

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we thought about it, but chickened out. I guess we will wait until the 12-14 week ultrasound before we tell anyone. As it turns out, DH's cousins wife announced she was pregnant and due July 26th! almost a week after me! That made it REALLY hard not to say anything.

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We told our family the Sunday before Christmas when we were all together. I was 12 weeks on Christmas day and we knew we wouldn't see all the family together again until Easter so it was then or never. I was very nervous but they all seemed very happy for us.

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We told the Inlaws. My family doesn't have Christmas together until Sunday. I won't be there (I live in Indiana but my family is all in Rhode Island). They will all find out on Sunday and then this stress will be over!

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My parents always have a large party on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) with lots of family and friends. We decided that since we won't see most of the family members until May at the earliest that we would tell people at the party.

After a few shocked expressions (my oldest is 20 and my youngest is 13) we got lots of hugs and congratulations.

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We told our families on Christmas, too. I hated telling them as we haven't had our first doctor's appointment yet, but DH really wanted to and if something bad happens our families would know anyway. I made it clear that there were to be no Facebook posts yet as we haven't told anyone besides family yet. Everyone was really happy for us which was great!