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All the trigger must be gone because I got my first BFN. 10 DPO for me. I think I'm not going to test again until Monday (when the nurse told me too). I should be around 14 DPO by then and there will be no denying it. Feeling really pessimistic though.... Sad

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Sorry hon! I know what you mean about the pessimism. I'm there, too.

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I did not get a BFP til 12-13dpo. Stay positive!

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still have plenty of time. KUP Smile

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10 days is early. Just try to stay busy and test again later!

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Thanks ladies! Getting through the day by playing with Little People. My daughter loves them! Smile

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10 DPO is early. Let us know how the next test goes. Good luck!!

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Try not to get too deflated, my test was still neg the morning of 10dpo (((hugs)))

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It's weird because I've been trying for so long and looking at all of these negative tests.

But I figured something out....Sunday is the exact date I tested with DD. I've known for awhile that if I got pregnant this month they would have close to, if not, the same birthday. So I think I'll test on Sunday for good luck! Smile

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I swear I never get a positive test until after af would be due, I dont know why we torment ourselves testing early Wink Darn 2 ww

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Good luck on Sunday! My kids had the same due date, although my second wasn't in a hurry and waited two weeks so they're two years and two weeks apart. Definitely some good luck there!! Smile

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Good luck.

When I went to see the doctor this week she calculated my due date as 15th July. This is my middle child's birthday. I have very vivid memories of sitting in the doctors just under 19 years ago being told that my due date was the 15th July, and that was the date he arrived.

I have my fingers crossed that this one is early or late, I really do not want this one to have the same birthday as it's big brother.!

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When we had the luxury of planning, I originally wanted a fall baby. But now that I've had all of these issues and it's taken us so long to get pregnant this time around, I'll just take a baby whenever we're blessed with one...hehe. There is something to be said about a Summer time baby...less illness going around....warmer weather to take baby out in....really cute baby sundresses....hehe.