Thanksgiving plans?

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Thanksgiving plans?

For those of us celebrating thanksgiving this week, any plans? Any fun traditions that might not be the norm? Or just fun stuff planned?


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Well, this year is all messed up for us. We recently moved to this state, so none of our normal stuff is happening. But we are thankful enough to have family friends that live here and invited us there.

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We are going up to Michigan to see family, which oddly enough is not what I am used to. It will be a whirlwind since we are flying in on Thanksgiving morning then driving to my uncle's house.

I am thankful to be with family, but I will be sad to miss the parade. I LOVE watching it every year.

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We are having a crazy year! I work in the morning and then we will have dinner at my moms house. I get out of the cooking that way Smile It is also Nigel's birthday on thanksgiving so we are trying to decide if we do something that evening or just wait until his party on Saturday.

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We've always gone to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving, so that's what we're doing this year. DH's dad wanted to get their family together for a brunch, but there is no way we'll make that (even though we want to) since my parents live 1.5 hours away and have Thanksgiving dinner at noon and brunch would be at 10:30. My family is kind of crazy so I kind of just wish we were doing DH's family's brunch and the just doing our own thing. I am psyched for Friday though--DH and I both have off. So, we're going to decorate for Christmas with our DD and just hang out!

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We moved 2000 miles away from family last winter so we are all alone Sad I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and am a little sad to be without my family. We're roasting a chicken and doing all the other dishes. I'm making an apple pie and cranberry sauce tomorrow. I really wanna try and make it nice. It's just a little hard with being so sick right now! And I miss my family.

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I'm going to do my best to not puke and give myself away at dinner. That's my plan. Thankfully I'm typically not a huge eater on Holidays so I don't think anyone will notice if I slowly nibble on a roll. Smile I'm just hoping all the smells don't turn me green.

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We are going to my moms for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe a little shopping on Friday, but DH and I are both off also, so it will be Christmas decorations going up here. I'm excited because I think this year DS will really like the decorations.