Third Trimester!

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Third Trimester!

Ok, so by some calculations this week is my 3rd trimester!! (and since DS was 5 weeks early, I'm going with it)

Can you believe how fast this is flying by???

How is everyone doing these days?

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Yay for third trimester:) I find the first three months are slow but as soon second trimester comes it goes by fast.

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I just hit the third trimester on Tuesday! Woooo hooo! It's the home stretch ladies!

Some days I think it goes fast and other days I think it goes slow. I've noticed that the exhaustion from the first trimester seems to be returning which is a little bit of a bummer as I enjoy having some time between my daughter going to sleep and me going to sleep to do things. I've also noticed that I have had increased periods of tightening, which I guess would be braxton hicks... I never had them with my daughter so I would guess that's it? I think my body is also revolting against the extra weight. My feet and back get sore easily.

Other than that I am so excited that we're inching closer to meeting our LOs!