Tums already?

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Tums already?

Ugh I have such terrible acid reflux! I definitely never had it this early with my others. How annoying lol

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I always used to get it in the middle of the night so I started keeping tums by my bed lol. Hope yours isn't too bad.

btw I also have a Riley, but my little guys is spelled Reilley Smile

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ugh, near the end with DS i would get it really bad in the night.

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I'm getting it in the middle of the night already too. Mine didn't get bad till 20 weeks and on with DS.

I don't eat before bed and my diet is GERD friendly, so I don't get it this time around. Oh well, bring on the tums

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Definitely not to that point here. But I know it'll come. I lived on Tums in the past!

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No heartburn yet....*knock on wood*. The fruit ones are the best!

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I had it horrible with DS and so far its started with this one, i did buy a box of tums this weekend and so far its been fine but they are in my purse just in case