unexpectedly pregnant after a uterine ablation

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unexpectedly pregnant after a uterine ablation

Hi girls. My name is Tif. I thought my last time on this board was back in 2008 when I delivered what I thought would be my last child. My husband and I were done having kids, and I had an ablation to try to correct my awful periods. He had a vesectomy. Well, we ended up getting divorced in 2010. The chances of me actually convieving were below 1%. I am engaged to someone else now... and we were not planning any more children, obviously because of my ablation, but we both have kids already... and I am 32, he is 35. Well... I have somehow managed to get pregnant! I found out saturday after realizing I was late. My pregnancy test turned positive in literally 3 seconds. I called the doc as soon as they opened yesterday and they got me in for some blood work but that's it so far. There are so many risks.... but the ablation did not really work, as I've still had a normal week long period every month since the procedure. So.... I'm just waiting for the doc to call me back and tell me to come in for u/s to see where this bean has implanted itself, and if there is a chance for a successful pregnancy. So... as you can imagine I'm a little on edge... but we are kinda thrilled that this is even possible, that there may be a chance that we would have an addition to our new blended family. Keep us in your prayers, and I will be on here... as long as I'm still pregnant!

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Congrats!! I hope everything works out okay Smile KUP

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Congrats! What a Blessing Smile I hope everything is ok

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That is truly amazing! I'll be thinking about you and KUP!

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Congrats! What a wonderful unexpected surprise!

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Congratulations!! Hopefully you can get in soon for your u/s and get some answers. KUP.

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Congrats and welcome to July!! Whats an ablation?

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An ablation is where they pretty much burn off your uterline lining. It's a treatment for extremely heavy periods. It is supposed to make you have little to no period, and once you have the procedure, you aren't supposed to have any more children. There was only a 0.7% chance of getting pregnant after an ablation. But, my periods were regular still after the surgery... so my lining was obviously never destroyed like it was supposed to be. Since I did manage to concieve after that, I'm considered "high risk". There's the possibility of miscarriage, or problems with the placenta if it is not attached to a spot with good blood flow. It IS worrisome. I'm trying not to worry myself sick. But the doc seems to be optimistic since my HcG levels are going up and I haven't had any cramping or spotting.

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*hugs* Congratulations and good luck! I hope everything looks great!