Upcoming Appt updates?

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Upcoming Appt updates?

Where are we at ladies? Who's had an U/S, heard the hearbeat, still waiting? Some of us will be approaching our anatomy scans soon.

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I feel like because of the bleed I have had more ultrasounds in 16 weeks, than I had my whole pregnancy last time, but I'm not complaining for seeing my little one.

Latest OB appt was last week and heard the hb for the first time!!
Did my glucose test this monday and my last Quad screen blood work

Feb 6th is our next big day. That's my 2nd ultrasound with the high risk dr and hopefully when we find out what we are having!! I had a dream two nights ago that they said it was a boy, but we'll see and honestly I don't mind either way.

Then my regular OB appt the next week Smile

Lots of appointments!

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i have my midwife and anatomy scan on valentines day

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Big ultrasound on February 15th. I'll be 20 weeks. I have dreamed girl and twins. Twins is my worst fear because it'd be hard to find someone willing to deliver without an automatic c-section. I have had zero ultrasounds so far so I guess I freak out that I don't know for sure. Of course, I think my belly is smaller than in the past so it's very unlikely!!! Still have those darn dreams though.

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I had a scan at 9 weeks. Had my first prenatal appointment with the m/w yesterday and heard the hb. Big u/s scheduled for February 22. I am 14 weeks 5 days today.

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My next prenatal appointment is Feb 11 and U/S is March 11 which I will be 21 weeks.

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i had my first appt already. BP was super high, like 153/95. this is not normal for me, I have anxiety because of my bp and how things went last time. I have a monitor at home and get normal readings, typically 114/75 around there. I have a VERY understanding midwife who is willing to work with me as long as i get normal readings at home and still consult with an ob. She was a little freaked out at first though until she knew my background history. So for now, I am still with a midwife and i really hope to stay with her. she also has me taking calcium/magnesium to see if that helps.

Because I am doing IPS testing i had an ultrasound/blood test already, last week. Baby was moving and wiggling around and it was very relieving to see the heart beat! I go back for my next appt feb 7th where she will probably give me my requisition for the gender ultrasound.

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Janis, you should bring your blood pressure cuff along with you to your next appointment to be sure that its accurate. Sometimes the home cuffs can be way off unless you're taking it manually. I hope your BP stays down!

My big ultrasound is 2 weeks from tomorrow! I am 16w4d today Smile I have never been near the lead of a birth month before! It's so different

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she asked me to bring it next appt to make sure it is accurate Smile i really hope it is, I will cry! lol

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I had my first appt on 12/31 where we heard the heartbeat. It was amazing! I go on Monday (1/28 ) for my second appointment. I'm hoping to get the go ahead to schedule my ultrasound Smile

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My first appt was last month, got to see the first u/s and see the heartbeat. Last appointment was January 3. Heartrate was 145. Next appointment is January 31, I will be 16 wks 6 days. We get to make our big u/s appointment at this next one. Eek!! Super excited.

Janis, I hope your home cuff is accurate. You will have to keep us posted.