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Hi ladies!!

Sorry I've been MIA. I started a new job and things have been crazy here.

Things are good. I think I look like I am 5 months pregnant, but am only 15 weeks. :eek: I'm definitely showing earlier than with my first. I've lost some weight overall so, other closthes still fit, but I'm 90% in maternity clothes because at least those make me look pregnant and not just fat. lol!

I had another bleed on New Years Eve, but the baby is still doing great. I won't know much about the bleeds until my next ultrasound with the High risk dr on Feb 6th. (plus we might find out the sex of the baby by then too!!)

I hope you all are well!

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Sounds like a great update! I'm sorry about the bleeding. I know how scary that is. But glad the baby is doing well.