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Update...MC mentioned

Just wanted to post a quick update. We went to our first appt on Monday. The NP was unable to find a heat beat on hand held ultrasound so we had a regular and vaginal ultrasound. Baby was measuring 7 weeks with no heartbeat. Because my HCG was so high, I ended up having a D&C yesterday. I am home recovering and feeling well. They want me to go two cycles before trying again so hopefully that time will go quickly!

I hope all of you have wonderful pregnancies. I was so happy to see the anti nausea meds are giving you some relief. I will pop in occasionally to see belly pics and pictures! Congrats again!

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I'm so sorry to hear your news. ((hugs))

I wish you luck in the future.

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I am so sorry to head this. I hope the two months pass quickly for you. Hugs!

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I'm sorry!
Good luck in the future!

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(((hugs))) I'm so sorry Sad

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so sorry! :bighug:

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I'm sorry! :bigarmhug:

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I am so sorry to hear this. :bigarmhug: