Watching an old movie

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Watching an old movie

I am watching an old movie this morning called "Mother Didn't Tell Me". It's a black and white comedy from the 1950's about a bunch of young women married to doctors and their trials of being a new wife.

Anyway, a few of the women just found out they were pregnant. They go to their husbands who are all OBs. This is the advice they are given:

"Your a bit anemic so here's some iron and calcium. Oh, and here's some new vitamins. I don't know a lot about them so you'll have to tell me how you like them. Take a lot of them because I don't know how well they'll work"

Woman: Is there any special diet or exercise I should be doing?
Doctor: Well, if you start looking like a blimp you should start walking. Less resting and more housework to keep your energy up.
Woman; Well, can I count the walking while I'm doing my housework?
Doctor: That'll be fine as long as the majority of your exercise is pushing yourself away from the table.

The women are completely unconscious during delivery. The doctor's push on the stomach to get the baby out. They commented that they woman most likely would not remember ever being in the hospital.

It's totally crazy how different things were back then. Thought some you might get a chuckle out of it.