Weight gain!

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Weight gain!

If you wanna share, how's it goin?

I'm 14 weeks and down 4lbs from my starting weight, but I'm getting over an awful stomach bug. I had actually gained a couple pounds but then lost 9lbs in 24 hours from throwing up. I ended up in the ER for IV fluids two nights ago. Im in bed today with dehydration related contractions, but i seem to be on the mend!

I don't generally gain anything till 20 weeks so compared to my last two pregnancies I'm on track. I gained 35 with my first and 22 with my second, and still managed to have a 9+ pound baby!

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oh my! i hope you are feeling better. that sounds nasty! i had a stomach bug in november and was hoping to lose some weight from all my barfing but didn't happen lol.

I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and i am about 4-5 pounds up from my starting weight. A little more then I would like, but with DS I was up 10 pounds at this point so it is an improvement. I think some of it also may be bloat as i weigh myself every morning and sometimes i am up or down a pound or two. I gained 55 pounds with ds and he was 5 pounds, 5 ounces. I am aiming for 30-35 pounds this time.

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I'm 11 weeks. I have no idea about my weight, but my belly is getting big already. People are noticing, and I didn't want to come out yet. Even my 6 year old asked me today why my belly was big. I asked him what he thinks, and he said a baby, but then he was immediately distracted before I could answer. (Sometimes ADHD is a good thing. lol)

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this time around im def doing much better weight wise. I have only gained 6 pds with DS at this time i gained 12 pds so im 6 pds smaller this time around. I'll take it Smile I gained about 30 pds with DS and im looking to gain the same if not less with this little one

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I'm 11 weeks and I've gained 7 pounds - way more than I'd like but when I'm feeling yucky I just don't care. Once I'm feeling better I'll get back on track. I gained 80 and 50 pounds with my other pregnancies and I really need to make this one less. I've lost the weight each time but it sure would be nice to not deal with that.

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I am down 9lbs from starting weight but I figure it will start picking up soon. I usually gain between 40-45lbs and lose most of it. I hang on to around 10lbs while I'm nursing.

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Right now I'm about the same as when I started. I'm just going by the dr's scale. I am showing more this time though.