What do you need to get before baby get here?

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What do you need to get before baby get here?

ANything left on your to-do/to-get list?

We bought alot of stuff consignment early on and I feel pretty set up. Maybe some pacifiers so I have extras at the house.

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Still need a car seat and stroller combo and some clothing. couple people gave me whole bunch of boys clothes but they are the bigger sizes and I need 0-3 months.

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I think we're pretty much set. All we need to do is to buy my 2 year old a reading chair so we can get the rocker out of her room into the new baby's. Other than that we have the bassinet ready, clothes washed, and his room ready. Thanks for the posting this though--I just remembered that I need to get my pump up from the basement and make sure it is all set!

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I need to get a preemie sleeper for the boy - we're taking a preemie and newborn sleeper for each of the twins. Also need to get more bottles and decide if I need to buy or rent a pump.

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We have a lot of stuff that was given to us. We still need to purchase some cloth diapers. We have a bunch, but not enough for more than a day for a newborn. We also have all the stuff scattered across our living room. We need to put it away and organize it.

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i need a mattress for the crib. that's about it