What do you wait for to tell?

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What do you wait for to tell?

I was hoping to tell extended family around thanksgiving (immediate family knows already because I can't keep a secret), but just called my OB and they don't want to see my until I just turned 9 weeks

Last time I had a dating ultrasound at 5 weeks and saw the heartbeat and now I am soooooo nervous not having that reassurance until 9 weeks.

What are your appointments looking like? When are you telling people?

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With DD we found out the weekend before Thanksgiving. We ended up telling everyone at Thanksgiving even though I was only about 6 weeks. I was hoping to wait longer this time, but since everything is so timed (Clomid and trigger shot) my Mom and Dad already know that we will find out in the next couple of weeks anyway so we have to tell them. Same with DH's parents. We'll maybe wait to tell extended family until Christmas? Or at least that's what I'm planning!

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I go with the tell the people who's support you'd want should something happen... So the grand parents and siblings know. So do a few close friends... The rest will probably find out via Facebook closer to 12 weeks with a funny photo or something.

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*IF* I am pregnant (and I don't think I am) we would wait until Christmas.

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I'm just so bad at waiting!!!

My uncle passed away and we are going up north to give him a memorial mass (he didn't want a funeral) the weekend of thanksgiving and I was hoping to break the news to them in person.

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We'll be telling people almost right away. I've always told family at 5-6 weeks as the hyperemesis hits and I become useless. In the past I've told extended family and friends after a good u/s. If I'm pregnant, I'll probably tell them around Christmas since it'll be hard to hide if I see them in person.

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In the past we've told immediate family at about 2 months and the general public closer to 3 months. I think with each pregnancy I'm more inclined to tell people sooner. -And I like what Terpmama said about telling the people whose support you'd want if something went wrong. If I'm pregnant we'd probably tell family around Christmas and then other people soon after - maybe New Years since we're hosting a party.