What will be in your bag?

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What will be in your bag?

As the third trimester approaches I was thinking I should probably start a hospital bag. Last time I took way too much stuff. So, that leads me to ask, what will be in your bag?

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For me I will pack going home clothes, a brush and deodorant. They will only keep me for 24 hours if no complications. For baby I will pack a sleeper, wipes i don't like the hospital one they are dry and have to wet them, powder and diapers to wear home. I took home their extra pair of their undies because I don't want mine to be heavily bloodied and their maxi pads because mine are thin.

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I've been thinking that I really need to at least make my list so I'm half way prepared if these babies come early. Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:

Baby's sleeper & a blanket for going home
going home outfit for me
pajamas w/ easy nursing access
flip flops or slippers
toiletry bag (with brush, hair stuff, deodorant, body wash, etc)
baby book
notebook & pen
cell phone
newborn pictures of my other kids - it's always fun to compare.

This time I also want to check with the hospital ahead of time and see if I should bring a breast pump along. With twins I'm thinking there's a good chance I'll want one and I'm not sure if my hospital has them for rental.

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I think maybe just a change of clothes (and maybe a nightgown?), snacks, an outfit for the baby, a couple of cloth diapers, and the car seat. We are having her at the m/w center, so I will not be staying overnight.