Where do you get your online OPK's and IC's

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Where do you get your online OPK's and IC's

So where do you buy your OPK's and IC's?

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I'm curious too Smile

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I bought mine on Amazon. I think you can get them cheaper elsewhere, but I have Prime shipping so they come quick if I order Prime items.

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I have a feeling I'm going to need this information.

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I got my last two lots from ebay, it's the easiest place to get bthem from here rather than deal with international shipping. I got my first ever lot from an online store but they were more expensive, this last time i got 25 OPKs and 25HPTs (I'm good once pregnanct, I have like 35 HPTs there) for around $10

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I order mine from early pregnancy test .com - Ovulation Facts, Testing Tips, and Understanding OPK Tests - not to bad priced!