Who felt the baby yet?

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Who felt the baby yet?

I am wondering who have felt the baby moving? I think I may have felt the baby twice. With my first I felt it move 16 weeks and same with the second one.

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i still swear i felt flutters at 13 weeks.

every day i am feeling something going on so i think that is him

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I'm pretty positive I'm feeling the baby at night, but he/she is really low to my pelvis still.

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I think I felt it, but I know it is pretty early. I can't wait for regular movement, it is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

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I've been feeling it the last couple of days. So exciting!

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I have been feeling a lot for awhile but I've also had horrifying constipation and all the stomach cramping that goes with it. So I wasn't sure if it was movement it cramps. But I had an ultrasound yesterday and figured out that it really is movement.

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I can't wait to feel the baby all the time. I think I only felt it twice yesterday. Feeling the baby move is my favorite part of pregnancy.

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The past few nights I've felt some flutters, but am not positive it was the baby. I figure the more distinct movement will come over the next few weeks.

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Ive been feeling baby for over a week now. Not so much the kicks, but ALOT of baby rolls and sensation of pressing out against the belly. I'm enjoying the movement now, but not looking forward to a foot in my lung later on, lol.

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I LOVE feeling baby! I've been feeling him/her sporadically for the last two weeks. It is getting a little more consistent, though. I always notice it when reading to the girls at night and laying in bed. I have no idea if I'm feeling him/her during the day, though...it's go-go-go at school!

Can't wait to feel the baby on the outside!

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i just started feeling some light kicks now that i turned 19 weeks. i had an anterior placenta with DS so i think its the same this time around

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I have been feeling flutters for a few weeks now. Occasionally I will get a single kick, but when I put my hand on my belly to feel....nothing.

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I swear I have felt the baby moving for weeks. Can't wait to have DS feel his baby brother/sister move around.

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I felt a good kick yesterday, it made me drop the butter! Heh.