Who still has morning sickness?

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Who still has morning sickness?

I am wondering who still has morning sickness? I am 11 weeks today and I am still sick. Hopefully it won't last too much longer.

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I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow and I still have it every.single.day. Woot!

But, most people on my BB started losing theirs around 12-14 weeks.

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Me. It has seemed to be a little better the last couple of days, so I hope its gonna get better

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I'm still feeling yucky - although it's mostly evening/at night. And right now I have a cold which makes me feel awful all the time. Hopefully when the cold leaves it will take the morning sickness with it!

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Still sick over here. Went to the dr. today and he asked me if I was just nauseous or if I was really getting sick. I told him to check his trash can and decide for himself. He renewed my scrip for Zofran. FWIW, past pregnancies, my nausea (while never this bad) disappeared at around the 14 week mark.

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i never really had MS but some nausea here and there and this morning on the way to work i thought i was going to puke

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Puked my guts out this morning. Woohoo.

I am not so much nauseated anymore... I have ridiculous sinus drainage going on. I mean ridiculous. It drains down my throat and when it hits my stomach, it makes me sick and I cough it all up. It's really weird. I'm vomiting but it's all sinus mucous. It's all clear mucous I'm throwing up. Not food (unless I just ate). And there is sooooo much of it. I am constantly blowing my nose, coughing the stuff up or actually vomiting it up. Horrifying! My OB says I can take Allegra so I need to try it. He said an allergy pill might dry me out and it's fine in the second trimester. I'm miserable!!!!

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I gag alot, queasy and vomit. I puked 2 days in a row and it sucks:( I puke usually every 3-4 days. I craved milkshake yesterday and it was good having it but not so good coming up:( I hope it goes away by week 14 like my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy, i had it all nine months and it was much worse than the other pregnancies.

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Me! I was sick for a few weeks with a virus so either how sick I was covered up the morning sickness or it abated for that period of time. However, it is back and I am not a fan. I feel so queasy all the time--morning, noon, and night...

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I never vomit, but I'm queasy all day long, on and off, but mostly on. This is normal for me. It started at 5 weeks this time, and it will probably last until the moment I give birth. The nausea seems to be worse when I'm tired or haven't gotten enough sleep and also when I eat lots of carbs (but not always) or sweets (e.g. donuts, cake, etc.)

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After 6+ weeks of feeling like garbage, I'm finally starting to feel better!