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    Alyssa, wow! I can't believe your MIL did that! I quit Facebook a year ago for things just like that!

    My immediate family knows, DH's doesn't. My MIL told everyone last time and all his family knew before we had a chance to announce it. We're really hoping to avoid that this time. She is coming to visit for 7 days next week and I'm hoping I can hide it. I've been pretty sick so it might be hard! I don't like to tell people who won't be supportive, and people tend to get more supportive the further along you are. It's my 3rd in three years... I'm pretty sensitive to criticism and people rolling their eyes. It makes me not like telling most people!
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    I have told a few people who dont interact with my family. Last time we told my mom and she had passed it on to the entire family before we could. It would also be stressful for me if something happened and she knew...she tends to make everything abut her. I have told a few people at work. I am a nurse in an ICU and there are some things I can't do while pregnant.

    Alyssa - every bit of your story is amazing to me! I was literally sitting here with my mouth open in shock when I read your post!

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    OMG Alyssa! That is awful! Not only is it not her information to share, but it isn't appropriate! I swear sometimes people don't have any "Facebook" sense!

    I'm not sure what we're going to do yet. So far no one knows but me and DH. I was thinking of telling my mom and dad on Thanksgiving and my sister this weekend when I see her. The last time we told them early and waited until after the first OB appointment to tell everyone else. We might do that again or throw it out all together. I want to tell a few close friends, but we'll see if it seems right to tell them the next time we see them. I'm in a weird position at work and still trying to work out when to tell them. I suppose the intensity of my morning sickness may help determine that!

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    I will probably make my FB announcement on NYE. My family has Christmas on 12/30 this year. I won't be there (900 miles away) but I'm still telling everyone that day. The FB announcement will mostly be for my church and my college friends. Everyone else should know by then. I'm all ready with how I'm going to do it so now I'm excited for it. I was dreading it! I'm just going to quote the last part of Toby Keith's Huckleberry. "Baby, I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me. When the road gets wild and scary, count on me to be right there. You're so extra ordinary, sweet like maraschino cherries. We grew up and we got married. Now look at those THREE little huckleberries."
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    Quote Originally Posted by elleon17 View Post
    Wow! That is crazy and so difficult. There are some things that facebook is simply not meant for. To me, that is absolutely one of them.
    It has been hard, but we are getting through it.
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    We didn't tell with our first 2 pregnancies until about 10 weeks, but after my miscarriage in May I told all my family anyway so I figured since I'll tell them no matter what, I might as well tell them right away! We told everyone this week, DH's side too. I won't mention it on facebook until 12 weeks or so.

    Also, since we are moving across the country this month, it didn't hurt to have a little happier news and an incentive to visit to lighten conversations!

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    Alyssa, wow, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I can't imagine.

    My first pg, I waited until my family was together to tell them, my dad was working out of town. I mc that night. I hated it that they didn't get to know a little longer even if it ended that way. With this one (and Evan) I told the family (immediate) after I found out. My mom spills to my grandmother who tells cousins, but that's ok, I hardly see some of the cousins. DH told his parents and sister also. I don't like to tell alot of people early, but I think DH's mom has told everyone in their home town. We see them only every few months. At work, two of my closest friends know. I will tell my boss after 9ish weeks. My BFF and previous birth board knows. Everyone else can wait until after 12 weeks.

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    Haven't really discussed it with dh yet but I'm thinking we'll tell family at Christmas and let other people know soon after that.

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