Zofran rocks.

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Zofran rocks.

Seriously, ladies.

I hate medication. I hardly ever even take a Tylenol. The only meds i take are my thyroid pills and that's different--putting something back in that should be there. I feel like that's more like taking a vitamin than an actual medication... But anyway, I just don't like medications and avoid them whenever possible.

When I broke down on Friday and decided to try the Zofran, I was seriously mad at myself for "giving in" and not "toughing it out" and blah blah blah. Plus, I was convinced I'd have more side effects than good effects.

Um, I am an idiot for waiting this long. I FEEL SO GOOD! WOW! I cannot believe I almost didn't do it. THis is my third pregnancy and my first two were miserable from conception until labor (I actually like labor... it means the misery is over!). This is the first time I have felt GOOD during pregnancy. I can't think of one SINGLE day in my first two pregnancies, in the entire nine months, that I felt GOOD. And I have felt really good since getting this Zofran into my system. It's crazy. I actually feel HUMAN. I didn't think it was possible to be pregnant and still feel human at the same time. My mind is baffled by this. I felt so good that I started thinking "I can't really be pregnant and feel like this!"

Anyway... if you are thinking about trying it... GO FOR IT.

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Yes yes yes! If not for zofran I would be bed ridden through pregnancy. I'm a no drug girl too, I never take anything. But zofran... Ahh you are my hero!

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So glad you are feeling better.