13 week U/S

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13 week U/S

So, with each of my pregnancies I've ended up having to go see a high risk doctor and this pregnancy is turning out the same. I was one some medication until 7 weeks that isn't exactly good for pregnant women so I went in to have some blood work done and an ultrasound. So far, everything looks good and doctors don't seem too concerned about the medication I was on (which is aldactone for my pcos) but I'll be monitoroed by the high risk doctor in addition to my regular OB.

Anyway, I know it's pretty early and this can be pretty iffy but we asked the doctor if he could guess on the gender. He's leaning more towards a girl, which we are thrilled about because we already have 2 boys! I know it could change when I go back in 5 weeks but I feel somewhat confident in his guess. Usually, if they're going to guess a gender, it's usually a boy because of the cord and all that. We're obviously not buying or painting anything yet but I'm getting excited!

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Love the ultrasound pic glad the dr thinks things are doing well Smile I also have 2 boys and really really want a girl I hope we both get our wish few more weeks and we will see Smile

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Aww hello baby !!! Crossing my fingers for you on baby staying a girl at your next ultrasound. I am hoping for team pink as well. Find out next month !
Glad everything seemed ok as well !!