Another appointment lol

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Another appointment lol

I swear when I have to go monthly instead if every two weeks it's going to feel like forever between appointments. So today was my last official "follow up " appointment from all the bleeding. Baby bean is nice a
Comfy and measuring perfectly on track based
On ovulation. So 8 weeks 2 days. Heart beat was good but didn't ask how fast exactly. My cyst is still there but she again wasn't worried. I am officially off pelvic rest which DH is beyond happy about. Men ! Lol. She also told me I can try tums or Zantac for the indigestion which I took tonight- it seems to be working so I excited to feel normal again. I also gained 3lbs which I am not sure how since I haven't been eating a ton with the indigestion. Need to watch that. Ha ! Another appointment on the 19th as my official regular baby appointment. Now we are trying to figure out if Xmas will work for announcing 11 weeks or if we can even get away with no one guessing when I stuffed
In sweatshirts all of Xmas time off. Well I have rambled on now. But so excited as I feel this baby bean is here to stay ! Finally can start to be excited and relax.

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Hi! I totally know the feeling of wanting to be excited and relaxed, I had a ton of bleeding with my boys pregnancies, one even showed a slow heartbeat and they pretty much said it was a miscarriage (but he's 4!!! What do they know?)
Anyway, hang in there!! Try to enjoy it. I'm also dealing with some horrible indigestion lately, glad you found something that works for you. Smile

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DP sorry.

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that is great news, honey!!!

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That sounds so great Sara!

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That's amazing. Great news. So excited for yourself and family Biggrin

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Great news!! Thankfully I haven't hardly had to deal with any indigestion so far this pregnancy.