Anterior placenta?

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Anterior placenta?

When I had my 13 week u/s I asked if the placenta was anterior or posterior and they said anterior but it would likely move. I know the placenta can't literally move but as the uterus grow the placenta grows up with it kind of thing.

Anyway, anyone else ever had an anterior placenta? I don't think I had this with either of my boys but I'm kind of concerned now. I've had 2 prior c-sections and I know if the placenta is over the incision that can cause the placenta to grow in to the incision site. I'll ask more questions when I go on the 17th for the big u/s.

Also worried about feeling movement with anterior placenta. I'm still not feeling anything yet (though I am plus size). I felt movement with my oldest around 19 weeks I think and sooner with my 2nd.

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I have no experience myself with having anterior but I would say just ask lots of questions at your next appointment.

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No experience here either but just wanted to wish you well and hope that everything turns out ok! I would just do as you plan and get all those questions answered at your appointment. I hope they can give you the answers that you need to make you feel at ease! Good luck Smile

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I had anterior placentas with my first 2 - and the movement you feel is definately less pronounced. With my first, I don't think my DH was ever really ever able to feel the kicks.
My last pregnancy and this one I have posterior and it is definately much different! Felt movement sooner and much more frequently.

Doesn't mean you won't feel movement, but can be a little trickier if you are one to do kick counts later one.

I would guess that if they are saying it may move, that maybe it is more toward a side and it could end up more toward being posterior? I have never heard of it changing

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I had an anterior placenta with my son, but no c-section scar so I don't have any knowledge on that. As far as movement goes, for me it was initially less pronounced with anterior (though I didn't know at time as had nothing to compare it too). I didn't feel him move until closer to 18-20 weeks whereas felt my daughter around 14-15 weeks and same with this bub. Once he was bigger and stronger though I still got the protruding limps from my bump as he stuck various parts out and rolled around. He would stick his toes up into my ribs and thump around up there too. To the point I was quite over that feeling by the end (it hurt!)