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Been MIA

Hello all. Hope all is well with everyone! I have been MIA due to lack of internet but would like to get back into posting with you all. Smile I am 14 weeks now and feel awesome finally. I never had m/s with any of my other pregnancies but this one was killer! I was sick from the start up until just a few weeks ago and it was nonstop every day, all day! I am sooooo glad that is over! We had an ultrasound at 10 weeks and the baby was sooo active. He/she was jumping around everywhere and moving like crazy. Smile I need to get a way to put the pics up! I have another limited u/s scheduled for March 3rd but will probably have one sometime before that with my OB. I can't wait to find out what it is. I think it is a girl and DBF is convinced he only makes boys LOL. How is everyone else doing?

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Hello my DH is also a boy maker we have 2 ds already baby # 3 we would like a girl few more weeks and we can find out

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Glad your checking back in !!! Yay I think most of us are out of the morning sickness phase. Thank goodness. Good luck sending u girlie vibes ! I also am hoping for a girl as well.

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Welcome back! I have 2 boys too but we think it's a girl based on our last u/s. We go back on 2/17 to confirm!