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Check in time

It is awfully quiet here. Any July girls still around, I think it's time for a check in.

How are you feeling:
Baby movements:
Gender (if known):
Have you chosen a name:
Are you working? If so, how long do you plan on continuing:
How goes the nursery planning (feel free to include pics):
Favourite purchase so far:
Any other exciting news:

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EDD: 16-July
How are you feeling: Mostly ok. Getting a little tired again and hips and back are achey. Otherwise good.
Baby movements: felt them early this time around. It is a big mover and moves a lot. It also kicks (hard) at every person who examines me but goes quiet when DH tries to feel it.
Gender (if known): not known
Have you chosen a name: not even close
Are you working? If so, how long do you plan on continuing: yes, I don't officially start maternity leave until 40 weeks but I have annual leave from 38 weeks.
How goes the nursery planning (feel free to include pics): we're renovating / extending so baby doesn't even have a room yet, just a frame.
Favourite purchase so far: I haven't had to but much as am getting hand me downs.
Any other exciting news: none

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Ahh I replied and it didn't save !!! But I am still here.

Edd July 15
Feeling good. Sciatic pain I was having is gone. Let's hope it stays that way. I have noticed from sleeping on my side solely my hips feel achy so it's hard to get comfy in that sense
Movement is good. Not as active as DS was but he has his scheduled times he likes to move. And his movements are a bit more forceful. So sometimes that startles me.
Gender is a boy. Name is Nicolas Joseph. Likely we will call him Nico.
Still working. Plan to work until a week before my due date if everything goes well. I get 6 months off work and I would like to use that for once he is here not before hand.
Nursery is in progress. We just re painted his room. We picked a gray color and once it dried it had a purple hue to it
So we decided to find another color gray that wasn't purple looking. DH painted that last night and it looks like a winner. We have purchased some new bedding , decor , new rug. Not a whole lot since I kept all of DS things. Since they will both be summer babies it works well. Oh my parents got us the new car seat and bath tub too. I plan on getting the crib and dresser in their spots this weekend and maybe some organizing.
Other exciting news. Umm we have to have another ultrasound as I am measuring small. I have the GD test this week and the Rh shot next week. My DHs BFFs wives are both preggo too. We all were preggo last time around as well so that
Makes our times fun with all our kiddos. Oh and I am getting a prenatal massage next week. I can't wait !

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EDD: 7/21 but planned c-section on 7/14
How are you feeling: Okay. Have had some pelvic pain off and on since about 12 weeks but not too bad
Baby movements: Lot's of movement
Gender (if known): Girl!
Have you chosen a name: We think so but will wait till she's here to make the final decision. Also considering letting our 6 yo help with the middle name
Are you working? If so, how long do you plan on continuing: Yep, will work until the Friday before
How goes the nursery planning (feel free to include pics): Nada. Haven't even started on the nursery
Favourite purchase so far: We got the carseat, swing and some clothes but that's about it. Waiting for our showers to buy anything major
Any other exciting news: Nope!