It doesn't feel real

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It doesn't feel real

I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around that I'm pregnant. Not sure if it is because I am afraid to have a miscarriage or what. I even asked my dr if I could skip the 7 week ultrasound because I didn't want to get excited about it then if something happens be let down. I let one of my coworkers know I was pregnant and she spread it around and I got mad at her and told her you don't know how hard it is to be excited about something and have people congrats you and have to say ohn I'm not pregnant my baby didn't make it. I have only had one miscarriage but it has really scared me. It was my first pregnancy and I went around 7 weeks everything looked great had my next to normal apts and at 16weeks they couldn't find the heart beat so I had a ultrasound and somewhere around 8weeks I lost the baby and my body never aborted it I had a d&c to remove it. I can't wait until my 11week apt so I can feel om about this! The girl at work doesn't understand because she has never had a miscarriage and has had unplanned pregnancy where she was going to self abort

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Hi Sarah, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I feel you, I kinda feel stuck in limbo land of being so excited but also so scared to get my hopes up. One day at a time. Did you make a doctor's appt yet?

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Hi Sarah,

Congrats on pregnancy Smile

I would say your co-worker was just being incensitive - I've never suffered a miscarriage myself but I would definitely respect someone who has at such a scary time.

I hope bean sticks for you this time.


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My first apt will be a little after 7weeks for a ultrasound to check the date and heartbeat I'm not sure if I see the dr right after that but she schedule me for a apt for 11weeks at the same place they do the ultrasound she said if she can't hear the heartbeat with doplar then they will give me another ultrasound. I am almost 5weeks now.

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Congrats Sarah. Sticky vibes. Hope your first appointment goes well!

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Hi Sarah,

Congrats! I totally know how you feel. I've had a m/c and I'm sure if I ever get pregnant I'll be crazy nervous and everything you mentioned! Hang in there. Only 6 weeks left until you pass that milestone right?!

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Oh Sarah! I'm elated for your! I'm sorry your coworker was so insensitive to your situation. I've had M/C too and it just drives me batty.

Hang in there hun! You'll be through the first trimester before you know it!!


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I haven't had a m/c but I can only imagine the dreadful news and I'm sorry about your Co worker.
I'm sending sticky vibes aND crossing fingers and toes so this bean sticks for good!
Hugs hun
I'm sure everything will be wonderful!