Don't want to jinx myself, but here I am

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Don't want to jinx myself, but here I am

Hi ladies, after almost a week worth of positive tests that are (thankfully) getting darker, I am going to go ahead and introduce myself.

I'm Gemma, my husband and I have two gorgeous children, have had three miscarriages (12, 5 and 11 weeks, 2 missed miscarriages requiring surgery, 2 unknown causes and 1 trisomy 16 girl) and am now preggo again. We tried for #3 for a long time and, after the miscarriages, multiple rounds of surgery and a large period of time passing decided we were done. I have stage IV endo and fertility has never been a guarantee for us. I reached the point where I believed we could never conceive again and my DH decided he was done. So we stopped trying.

So I am happily shocked to have had almost a week of positive tests. I'm still very nervous and haven't really accepted it. I know that probably doesn't sound great to some people, but I don't know if I can handle another m/c. Plus, I am still a bit numb. I really want it to stick, but honestly, I'm too scared to get my hopes up.

I am pretty sure I O'd CD10 or 12, which would give me an EDD around July 11-13.

Oh, and I hope it is ok, but I went ahead and started the spaces thread.

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Huge congratulations and sending you tons of sticky vibes.

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Oh wow you've been through a lot! I'm wishing you lots of luck this time Smile

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Congrats! HH9M to you!!!! I hope this one sticks!!

PS: Any chance you have a July 2009 kiddo? Your username sounds familiar as does your first name.

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Congrats !! And lots of sticky vibes to u !!

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Congrats! I'm glad you are here.

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Mel, yes I was on the July 2009 board with my daughter, Kaia. I had a different username then though. I had to change as someone in RL kept stalking my posts and passing on to others. So I changed account / username and stayed low for a while. Hopefully that person has stopped looking.

I've also been on April 07, ttc after a loss and photography boards (plus various boards for angel babies).

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I knew you sounded familiar! I was on July '09 as well. HH9M to you, sending all the sticky vibes I can!

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Now you have me curious. I was on the photo board for a little while and was active on May 07.

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sending lots of sticky vibes Smile

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Congratulations!!! Smile

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Congratulations!!! Sticky Vibes!! Sticky Vibes!! Sticky Vibes!! Smile

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Thanks ladies. I'm a complete nervous wreck. I don't just check the TP, I fully expect there to be something there every time and steel myself for it. I go to the toilet frequently 'just to check' and have even been having dreams about m/c. I'm nuts!