Feeling achy

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Feeling achy

While I was cleaning house yesterday I bent over to pick up something and as I stood up I felt a sharp pain right around my pubic bone, like right around my hair line down there. Ever since then I've been feeling very achy down there. Not cramps or anything, just achy. Thinking maybe I pulled something.

Anyway, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good. Wasn't much in the Christmas spirit this year which is unusual for me but oh well.

I've been dealing with sinus issues for the past month but it hasn't gotten too bad. My throat stared hurting real bad yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling awful. Guess it was about time to turn in to something worse.

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I think we are on the same boat Veronica. Sorry your achy !

Christmas was good. Ds was finally understanding of Santa and everything so made it very enjoyable. But like you, just wasn't feeling it and Christmas is my most fav holiday.
Then woke up Friday sick. Fairly certain I have a sinus infection. I am absolutely miserable. I am taking Benadryl and cough stuff
From my doctors approved OTC meds. I might call tomorrow as I just can't be down this long. I have spent the last 3 days in bed. And needless to say not eating much. Oh and I slipped and fell last night. I was gathering the cats to go to bed and slipped. Landed on my knee and tush. No spotting or crampy which is a plus. I fell about the same time frame of pregnancy with Ds. I didn't get even sleep last night at all. Ugh. Not sure if I can even make it to work tomorrow. Sigh.
Let's hope we all feel better soon !!

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That has happened to me about 4 times this pregnancy! Seriously, it hurts! It's happened to me as a stood up from getting off the couch.