Feeling crappy

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Feeling crappy

So I am assuming I have indigestion. It's down right miserar and 24/7 it's making me not want to eat and I am struggling with water intake. I have tried snacking vs eating full meals or not drinking with eating. I can't seem to find anything that is helping. I have an appointment Thursday so I will bring it up then. Just checking if anyone has any tricks that have helped. I have never had this before and it's making me nuts.

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oh man, I am sorry. I have no words of wisdom - I get very little nausea that goes away when I eat everything in sight. Hang in there - second trimester bliss will be here before you know it.

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my only advice is to talk to your doctor about a safe antacid. Not to freak you out, because I know it's rare, but I had heartburn so bad with my 1st that I had to have vocal cord surgery after he was born. I don't get it until the 2nd/3rd tri but they put me on prilosec. Milk helps... Good luck!

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We were having this discussion at school pick up this week. One if the mums had terrible indigestion through all her pregnancies. She would dissolve a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in around 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of water and drink it. She said you could feel it working as it went down. One of the other mums is an ER nurse and she backed up the effectiveness. They said you can make up mini drinks to take with you if eating away from home too.

ETA - is bicarbonate soda called baking soda in the US?

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Yes baking soda. Hmm. I might try this. I have been sipping on decaf tea with honey. It works a little. So this might work better. Thank u for the tip !

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I feel you! I had terrible heartburn with my first. It was so bad I would wake up at night with terrible reflux. MY 2nd baby I had very little heartburn and he came out with a head full of hair! So far not much heartburn this time around but I remember with my first!

Sorry you're feeling crummy. Definitely talk to your doctor.