Had a little scare yesterday.

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Had a little scare yesterday.

I had some bright red bleeding yesterday morning, followed to orange spotting. I have never had bleeding in pregnancy and it been ok, so even I knew it could be because of the sch I assumed the worst.

I ended up spending the day in emergency and they thought I might have to come in again today as the u/s was completely booked out. I was preparing for the worst and the thought of waiting another day make me feel sick. Luckily, I was able to be squeezed in for an u/s late in the afternoon. Pure relief to see baby wiggling around with a strong heartbeat. The sch has grown marginally, but they can't be sure if it was the cause of the red blood. They do think it was the cause if the orange blood. I just have to continue to wait and see. If I have a lot more bleeding or start passing clots I have to go back in, but for now it is a wait and see approach.

I got the world's blurriest picture of our little alien from the scan, which I will add once I get a chance to watermark and remove my details from it.

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Yikes !!! Bleeding is always scary but sounds like baby bean is ok ! Has the bleeding continued today ?

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So sorry you had to go thru that! I had a little scare a few days ago also, but had an u/s and baby looked perfect with a nice, strong heartbeat (170!). I have a small sub-chorionic hemmorhage which could be the reason I had some blood.

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Sara - no bleeding today. Hoping it doesn't return

Ashley - yep, my sch (subchorionic hemorrhage) is only small too. It was similar length to the sac at 6 weeks but not wide. Now it looks like a blob next to the sac (which has obviously grown a lot).

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Yikes! Glad everything is okay! I've had spotting some with this PG but it happened when I didn't know I was pg (I just found out and I'm 7 weeks). Spotting can be pretty normal though but it's hard not to worry. I had a previous m/c so anytime you see blood it's hard not to worry!