Hello, I'm in the TWW.
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Thread: Hello, I'm in the TWW.

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    Default Hello, I'm in the TWW.

    I had a question about ovulation tests (Wandfo)

    My ov tests are normally a dark positive and then the next day there is nothing. I got a positive test yesterday, and today it wasn't a positive but it was deffinately darker than it normally is the day after. Could that mean anything?

    we DTD 19th and 21st. (DH is a paraplegic and those are the only two days we could get sperm from him.)

    I'm hoping there is still a chance.

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    Maybe I'm wrong but once you get a positive OPK you actually ovulate 24-48 hours after that right???? If I'm right you will O today or tomorrow which means you DTD between 6 and 3 days prior. It is definitely possible to be pregnant.

    Good luck.

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