I'm here!

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I'm here!

Hi Ladies!

I got my BFP this past Friday, Nov. 1st! I wasn't keeping track of my cycle days, so I'm not sure on my EDD...but I'm thinking it will be sometime the beginning of July.

We have 2 children (turning 5 and 2 this month), and I had a miscarriage in-between them. Trying to stay cautiously excited, but it's so hard!

I'm looking forward to meeting you! Biggrin

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congratulations and hh9m!!!

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Congrates Ashley!!!

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Keeping everything crossed for you, congratulations!


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Congratulations and HH9M!!!

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"chloesgirl" wrote:

Congrates Ashley!!!

Hi Jodie! I hope you get to stay here, too!

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Congrats Ashley!!! So fun to share a BB again!

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YAY ASHLEY!!!! Woot woot! Biggrin

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Congrats !!!!!

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Yahoo Congrats Ashley and to your sister! HH9ms to you both!!!!

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Signed in to p.org tonight and just had to come welcome you to your new birth board. I've been thinking of you and am so happy for you, Ashley! :jarofhearts:

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Welcome!! Fingers crossed!